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Forex Strategy OZFX Squeeze
This strategy is suitable for daily work in the foreign exchange market Forex, best shown by time-frame'e H4.

To schedule your forex pair to be "screwed" forex indicators such as: Awesome (SC) - Bill Williams oscillator, setting the standard, Accelerator (CA) - Bill Williams oscillator also set the standard and Stochastics, which must be imposed on the display settings Accelerator with 5 / 3 / 4. The easiest way to use a template for MT4, you can download at the end of this material.

Basic principles of the trading strategy OZFH Squeeze four-hour schedule allows forex speculator catch relatively powerful movements - from 1OO to 1OOO points profit. But you can work on smaller time-frame'ah, but for thirty-minute chart, for example, the magnitude of the trend is in the 3O-5O points AO oscillator provides an opportunity to identify the status of the current trend in the forex market.

When the oscillators AB and AC are painted the same color, it signals a powerful trend. AO oscillator responds to change in trend slightly slower than the oscillator AC oscillator AC signal of trend change to speedily than AO oscillator and thus provides clear forex signals to the input / output.

Oscillator AC - it's probably the only indicator that allows a speculator to open very close to the top or bottom of a trend in Forex Stochastic shows the levels of re-Prodan and re-purchased in the currency market. And this is quite an important signal to identify I / O points

The aggressive entry into the market on the strategy

Example shown:

we have a good strong signal to the input when the Stochastic% K and% D cross from the bottom up or top-down level of eighty or same level of twenty and two oscillator B. Williams AC and AO are red or green at the same time period when the stochastic crosses up or down the level of eighty or same level of twenty. Wait for the forex indicator AC turns red or green. Open position at the opening of the same price bar'a

Conservative input on the strategy

When the stochastic crosses up or down the level of eighty or same level of twenty, waiting for the forex indicator Stochastic oscillator crosses the zero line AC.

No need to open when the stochastic crosses up or down the level of eighty or same level of twenty, but no AC oscillator changes its color in the subsequent price candle.

Figure for example, click to enlarge:

Risk-management and capital management in the forex strategy

You should not go out of the trading positions, if not crossed Stochastic levels as eighty or twenty. We wait until the intersection with the zero line indicator forex oscillator AU, and then exit the market. This is a very important condition of this trading strategy, if you want to catch the powerful of the trend - from 1OO to 9OO points.

An important addition to the strategy

When the oscillator AC cross bars down the level of twenty or upwards same level eighty, synchronously with the intersection of Stochastic indicator forex - forex trading is an extremely powerful signal!

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