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Forex Strategy «Forex Smart»

Forex Strategy «Forex Smart» - a very strong system of Forex trading, it can easily bring 4000-5000 pips in a month.

In spite of the simplicity of the Forex strategy, it really works, and works effectively!

Trading Strategy «Forex Smart» is a 4-hour interval (interval H4 as less volatile than short-term charts, and, incidentally, is more profitable), ideal for Forex currency pair trades - this is EUR / USD.

Forex Strategy «Forex Smart» is rendered, which is extremely useful in times of stress hours trading on the Forex market.

To trade as we always recommend only proven forex brokers with the terminal "Metatrader4": InstaForex, Alpari, Forex4u, Admiral Markets.

To work on a strategy of «Forex Smart» we need the following forex indicators (all of them are in any trading platform Metatrader 4 immediately after installation)

Linear Weighted Moving Average - Linear weighted moving average with period 8, the shift of 0, applied to: the average price (Typical Price - HLC / 3) - beautiful in blue

Linear Weighted Moving Average - Linear weighted moving average with period 21, the shift of 0, applied to: the average price (Typical Price - HLC / 3) - paint a golden color

PSAR - indicator Parabolic SAR - a step - 0.0026, a maximum of 0.5

Oscillator Stochastic - period% K: 12, time% D: 12, delay: 5, price: select Close / Close. MA method to select «Exponential». You also need to put "tick" to - to fix minimum: 0 maximum consolidate 100. And you need to add two additional levels of 60 and 40, and level 50 if you use it - clean

Indicator MACD - Fast EMA: 8, Slow EMA: 21, MACD SMA: 1. Apply to: Weighted Close (HLCC / 4)

The resulting graph looks like this (click to enlarge):

Trading signals for market entry strategy «Forex Smart»

The blue moving average crosses the moving average of the gold, it is important that, without this signal trading positions can not be opened!

Then look at the additional signals. If the Parabolic SAR indicator forms a support for the price (under the price), then open a trading position to buy.

If the moving average has happened in a direction opposite to Parabolic SAR, and after that, the Parabolic SAR changes its location within five enclosed candles (this is equivalent to twenty hours), then open the deal is still possible, as the trend reversed.

If the Parabolic SAR indicator forms a resistance to price (the price is above), then we will open a trading position in the market.

The MACD indicator will help you to avoid false trading signals when entering into transactions. You should wait until the crossing will be confirmed Averages indicator MACD! No need to rush to open the deal with the appearance of only one signal.

Pay attention to the Stochastic:

  • should not conclude a deal to buy if the currency is overbought
  • should not conclude a deal to sell if the currency is oversold

Trading signals at the output of the trading position of forex strategy "Forex Smart"

If you made a deal and are in a trading position to buy, the stochastic indicator should punch up the level of 80, and then go down. And if he had crossed the level of 60, it means that you must close the open position. If you made a deal and are in the trading position for sale - Stochastic indicator should knock down the level of 20, and then go up and cross the 40 level upwards.

If the chart you see a moving average crossover in the opposite direction (although the chances were few until the stochastics indicator has not yet had not crossed the listed levels) - you must close a trading position, that you have entered a trading position in the wrong signal. Note that this situation in the forex strategy is very rare.

Example of transactions on the same graph: +380 pips in 4 trades (click to enlarge):


Template for Metatrader4: download

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