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28Oct 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today .The resistance that met the European currency at 1.3830 proved to be powerful enough to re downward correction . Now that the Euro is trading in a small wave flat market we can talk about a possible trend reversal .The fundamental background is almost empty , indicating that the presence of an imbalance in the market , the first news that will affect the balance of power on the euro / dollar is a statistic U.S. industrial production for September, opening at 17:15 GMT. Volumetric analysis reveals scant potential for further growth of the pair , which could result in two main situations in the market:1 ) Go to the stage of active asset accumulation of certain positions. 
25Oct 13
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On the basis of computer simulations for the pair GBP / USD formed a forecast of the further movement of short-term and it is prone to increase.This technical situation is better to open long positions on the level of 1.6224 and a doubling in the best position of support at 1.6137 in order to increase the area of resistance at 1.6358-1.6480 , stop for a given strategy can be placed at 1.6100 .In the case of a profit of 30 points or more fix 50 % of the positions , and the rest is put into the black . If the outlook for the pair GBP / USD matches your opinion , feel free to use this strategy .Alexei Oleg , a portal "Forex Analysis " - signals , forecasts
25Oct 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today .Currency is disputed 1.3786 -1.3804 price range , the upper and the strongest resistance cleaned ( price 1.3804 ceased to interest the majority of traders , it can be seen by X-Lines), the next goal finally selected a mark 1.3875 . Volumetric analysis indicates depletion of the downward trend , which, in combination with a candlestick chart shows the priority of the bulls in the market.Forex forecast on the side of the bulls with the primary purpose of 1.3875 . 
24Oct 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today .Pound in contrast to the Euro has available a fundamental advantage that can distinctly change its trend at the end of the day . This is the speech of the Bank of England's Mark Carney at 20:45 GMT. Prior to this time the pair will trade in absolute symmetry with the European currency. Volumetric analysis indicates depletion of the downward trend , but this is probably a short-term character as Euro 1.3825 target acts as the primary short-term objective , and at the price of 1.6215 a pound has a similar meaning .As for the bears , the primary and the main purpose of their correction will be 1.6160 . candlestick analysis controversial in the same range includes candles of different meaning.  
24Oct 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today .Euro gradually turned into a state of the market balance at the boundary resistance 1.3786-1.3790 . In such a situation, is essential structure of open positions in the market, which is currently on the side of the bears , and this in turn will raise the price of the asset. The media today will help to move the market forward. Data will be published with regards to the index of business activity in the manufacturing and services sectors .Such statistics will affect the market as follows , in case of positive data for the European economy - increase in the indices , the Euro will rise a few levels , and then collapses down completely opposite scenario for return statistics. Continued lidirovaniya bulls reflected in the bulk structure of the market , the downward trend is more depleted than the bull .  
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Forex Forecast - substance is very thin, it's special foreign exchange market forecasts, which are based on predicting the future behavior of prices of certain forex tools. This is akin to the prediction of the oracle, but the tea leaves, and by methods that involve a mix of specific output generated technical and fundamental analysis methods of forex.

Forex forecast varies - forecasts may be short-term, medium-term and long-term. On this page we will publish the most urgent short-term forex forecasts for the two majors. Euro/dollar and the pound/dollar, these pairs are the most popular among the traders.

Forex Forecast / forex forecasts - is specific forecasts of changes in exchange rates in respect of different time frames. Typically, as we have said, forex forecast is short (within days), medium-term ( within a week or more) and long-term ( from one month and above). What is the forex forecast choose which one gives the best result of weather, and is more accurate?

It all depends on your deposit, that is, how much it means. The more money forex speculator has to run the more long-term forex forecast can use. Forex Forecast / forex forecasts typically are based on different techniques: for example, changes in interest rates in a particular state, the growth of gross domestic product, the inflation index and more. There is also the option of forex forecast on the basis of the analysis of charts and forex indicators.

Forex forecast can be found on the websites dealing rooms and forex forums , forex forecasts can be recovered even from rumors, which, of course , is dangerous. But the obvious is the fact that in order to make good money in the currency market speculator must have a certain forex forecast. Let us assume that we have found the right forex forecast us, then there are two questions: whether this forecast is accurate , that is, if he could trust, and what to do if we believe , as forex forecast comes true.

Make predictions - a key component of the work, not only the analyst, but the trader. Spontaneous entry into the market ("jump") without adequate analysis and forex forecast is correct, does nothing but drain your capital. Professional speculators often do not use other people's forecasts on a regular basis, they either make their forex forecasts, or use other people for their reconciliation.

Forex forecast on the basis of economic data - a complex process , with often a thankless task. This is due to the fact that the Forex market is influenced by many factors. Yet Charles Dow said that "the price will take into account everything." Therefore, to identify the effect of only the first factor is almost impossible. Therefore, Forex can "interpret" the same news is differently , depending on the actions and attitudes of the majority of traders.

We offer you your daily forex forecasts from the best analysts, our site "Forex Analytics" - is always relevant forecasts for major currency pairs for each day. The website «Forex Analytics» you will find analytical reviews and find fresh outlook on the forex market today and tomorrow. Every day we look thru macroeconomic data in the market, we publish the most important information and make an analysis of the impact of forex pairs.

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