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17Jan 14
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today.During yesterday's trading session, the American could not reduce the price of range of interests. The reason was the positive statistics the U.S. consumer price index , which is not nearly unchanged and even decreased in its absolute record. Price 1.3645 became ceiling for growth , and then a sharp increase in repeated applications for unemployment benefits ( increased by 182,000 in January ) completely discourage hunting bulls continue to rise .At the moment, the asset remains in the accumulation of interest range. Volumetric analysis indicates a slight superiority of bulls in the process of accumulation , but this difference can not be taken as qualitative . Candlestick analysis also indicates accumulation of bullish positions. Forex forecast for today controversial with slight superiority of bulls from the technical side . Considerable importance has today Statistics U.S. economic indicators , which will be published at 17:30 GMT, and until that time the asset with a probability of 80 % will not be able to leave the frame 1.3588 - 1.3630 .Important levels for bears presented strong support : 1.3575 , 1.3550 . growth (no accumulation ) limited 1.3645 , 1.3655 . Changing the statistics of the European Union , issued during the European session , can not properly affect the situation and is an outstanding representative of the fundamental "noise ."The fundamental outlook for the EUR / USDToday is not a danger for large flat market , which reigned in the market. The European session on the strengths poor news, not behind it , and the American , however , the data at the time of trading in the U.S. have a strong potential and presented information on the construction sector ( building permits, construction started , etc. , etc. . ) . Growth of positive sentiment in the U.S. will be able to bring the price in an upward correction .Conclusion: an analytical review and forex forecast today controversial due to the lack of strong news database . Bulls are present as a corrective component within the range 1.3598-1.3645 accumulation . See the proposed concept of trade and make appropriate conclusions.Intermediate levels of support and resistance for today .Thus, for a 30- minute analysis period :( 1.3525 , 1.3500 , 1.3492 , 1.3425 , 1.3602 , 1.3644 ) - Levels reserved.Note: This article is not an analytical guidance and reflects the personal opinion of the author. Shikhaliev Farid , Analysis and Market Forecasts Forex
09Dec 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today. The European currency went into a state of accumulation of short positions. As can be seen from the analysis of a 4- hour chart price made ​​a small correction after trying to break strong resistance consisting of 2 major players interested price is 1.3715 and the 1.3726 mark. I note that both clockwise and larger time periods indicate continued growth in the asset. In a flat market range 1.3700 - 1.3716 significantly increase entry into the market of large trading volumes at low prices , which means the intention to buy. Smaller players are trying to sell with growth that is fully consistent with a bull market . Candlestick analysis indicates strong buying sales when trying to reduce the price . A striking example of this is the sharp drop in prices after the news on Friday, which was immediately redeemed.
09Dec 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today.Pound as the euro , trading at a pinch. Peculiarity of the current growth rates is active accumulation of sales and that the price moves in the upward direction . Naturally, growth always precede the sale , but in this case, the potential has not been exhausted purchases are likely to have large amounts of hedge . Volumetric analysis indicates bullish market sentiment also supported this trend analysis candle -hour chart .Marks that serve as a guide in order to bulls and bears today . Thus , the range of the strongest resistance , respectively, for the purpose of bull trend 1.6370 - 1.6375 . Support range 1.6330 - 1.6340 . Open position to buy recommend if at the time of publication of the article prices did not go beyond 1.6360 ( above no longer profitable , and the ratio of profit / risk ratio is poor ) .As for news and incentives levels today are none, price , alas, will not surprise strong volatility and sharp spikes , which can make good money . Forex forecast for today on the side of the bulls, as the leading medium-term trend . By reducing the price and closing below 1.6346 candles can talk about the turn of the short trend.The fundamental outlook for the GBP / USDLean newsflow will not be able to bring a high level of liquidity and, therefore, we do not observe a whale of today. Many newcomers ask about what happened with the market, comparing the former volatility in 2010 , 2011 .  
28Nov 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today.The big players are buying actively selling in the market , which raises the price of the asset , so the price may rise to values ​​of 1.3624 . If we look at the 4- hour chart can qualitatively predict the most long-term vision tsenoizmeneniya which apparently is based on the sale of shopping most traders minority major players.Thus, the most likely option is the development of the situation falling asset prices with the primary objective of 1.3548 , and then 1.3500 . Volumetric analysis and uninteresting bands scheduled to fully confirm the downward trend . Candlestick analysis also bears on the side , the last descending candle on 4- hour chart is a true bear .Forex forecast for today bears on the side as a priority medium-term trend for the purpose of 1.3548 , 1.3500 .  
28Nov 13
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Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today.Briton found himself without support important news that a qualitative change in the situation around this currency pair and the dollar. The important fact remains technical bias toward the bulls , but from the bulls are a lot of important technical levels , which are represented mostly of interest rates largest minority .Such a balance of power may cause the price to get into a downward direction after reaching the level of resistance 1.6373 . Thus , forex forecast today on the side of the bulls with the primary objective of 1.6373 , the bears will be able to enter the market after the breakdown of the above levels. Volumetric analysis method and candle support this trend. Due to lack of proper maintenance lbs news , market priorities remain the same, suggesting that the strong market position of the bulls.Resistance Bands 30 minute chart identical ranges uninteresting price : 1.6333 - 1.6346 . Border maximum resistance ( the price at which a large minority , companies, banks , etc. want to sell ) is the mark of 1.64005 . Support has already been formed and it is strong enough , the largest volume was purchased from sellers in the range 1.6136 - 1.6152 . 
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Forex Forecast - substance is very thin, it's special foreign exchange market forecasts, which are based on predicting the future behavior of prices of certain forex tools. This is akin to the prediction of the oracle, but the tea leaves, and by methods that involve a mix of specific output generated technical and fundamental analysis methods of forex.

Forex forecast varies - forecasts may be short-term, medium-term and long-term. On this page we will publish the most urgent short-term forex forecasts for the two majors. Euro/dollar and the pound/dollar, these pairs are the most popular among the traders.

Forex Forecast / forex forecasts - is specific forecasts of changes in exchange rates in respect of different time frames. Typically, as we have said, forex forecast is short (within days), medium-term ( within a week or more) and long-term ( from one month and above). What is the forex forecast choose which one gives the best result of weather, and is more accurate?

It all depends on your deposit, that is, how much it means. The more money forex speculator has to run the more long-term forex forecast can use. Forex Forecast / forex forecasts typically are based on different techniques: for example, changes in interest rates in a particular state, the growth of gross domestic product, the inflation index and more. There is also the option of forex forecast on the basis of the analysis of charts and forex indicators.

Forex forecast can be found on the websites dealing rooms and forex forums , forex forecasts can be recovered even from rumors, which, of course , is dangerous. But the obvious is the fact that in order to make good money in the currency market speculator must have a certain forex forecast. Let us assume that we have found the right forex forecast us, then there are two questions: whether this forecast is accurate , that is, if he could trust, and what to do if we believe , as forex forecast comes true.

Make predictions - a key component of the work, not only the analyst, but the trader. Spontaneous entry into the market ("jump") without adequate analysis and forex forecast is correct, does nothing but drain your capital. Professional speculators often do not use other people's forecasts on a regular basis, they either make their forex forecasts, or use other people for their reconciliation.

Forex forecast on the basis of economic data - a complex process , with often a thankless task. This is due to the fact that the Forex market is influenced by many factors. Yet Charles Dow said that "the price will take into account everything." Therefore, to identify the effect of only the first factor is almost impossible. Therefore, Forex can "interpret" the same news is differently , depending on the actions and attitudes of the majority of traders.

We offer you your daily forex forecasts from the best analysts, our site "Forex Analytics" - is always relevant forecasts for major currency pairs for each day. The website «Forex Analytics» you will find analytical reviews and find fresh outlook on the forex market today and tomorrow. Every day we look thru macroeconomic data in the market, we publish the most important information and make an analysis of the impact of forex pairs.

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