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Forex forecast . Overview of the euro / dollar on 13/11/13
Forex forecast . Overview of the euro / dollar on 13/11/13

Technical, fundamental analysis of the situation and the forecast for today .

Consider the situation in the context of volumetric analysis and levels of x-lines, asset trading above support at the 4- hour chart of 1.3423 , below a pair of uninteresting offers a wide corridor , given the fact that this day is not important news data , we can talk about the growth of asset to a peak of resistance 1.3483 ( 1.3493 - blocking price ) .

Candlestick analysis correspond to the above, on 4- hour chart clearly shows an attempt to reduce the over 1.3411 , which proved to be completely unsuccessful . As seen in the 30-minute chart, the price is in the accumulation of short positions, which in fact is the cause of the growth of the asset. The reverse process is mediated closure is less likely for this reason that the strategy of choice for today , at least until the U.S. session will purchase the asset from the top downward correction .

Forex forecast for today on the side of the bulls, as a leading short-term trend . Bears continue to lead as a long-term component . Range of support that will be able to stop the downward correction: 1.3435-1.3441 , 1.3425 - 1.3432 .

Bulls have only one powerful resistance : 1.3452-1.3462 . Low market liquidity may cause the balance of power , which will lead to mid-term flat as technical reflection of accumulation ( accumulation ) on the market.

The fundamental outlook for the EUR / USD

Today there are no qualitatively important data with regards to the European economy . It turns out only the statistics of industrial production (index for the month of September ) . Basic information load will fall on the pound today , the cause of such a scenario is likely to be a desire to lower the price of an asset to a mark 1.5826 . The correlation capability such developments are difficult to predict , I note only that in the last days of symmetry in trade the pound and the euro lost. Watch for short news release, and in the case if you see a lot of allusions to the weakening dollar , you can bet on the bears.

Conclusion: an analytical review and forex forecast for today: short-term priority on the side of the bulls target ( 1.3474 , 1.3483 ) , the Bears are a priority long-term trend . See the proposed concept of trade and make appropriate conclusions.

Intermediate levels of support and resistance for today .

Thus, for a 30- minute analysis period :

1.3393 , 1.3412 , 1.3425 , 1.3474 , 1.3483

Attention : This analytical article is not a guide to action and reflects the personal opinion of the author.

Shikhaliyev Farid , Analytics Forex Market
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