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There are two main types of analysis one can use trading in the Forex. They are Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis. You should know a little about both types in spite of the fact that there has always been a debate which analysis is more preferable. It's necessary to examine the currency markets from aside and learn how news influences prices. You should know and understand the daily Forex news and market analysis proposed by professional currency analysts. Soon you'll realize what big part fundamental news are playing in your everyday trading. Luckily, most Forex news and analysis are offered on the Internet free of charge. We'll name these sites.
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Forex articles – on the Internet you can find many articles about Forex, which can carry a sometimes full , sometimes not accurate, in some cases, not even the right information. We would like to note at once that the articles you will find information on the psychology of trading in the Forex market, its history or the principles of the "game" on the FOREX.

We consider the interaction with Forex, as a job, the concept of the "game" is composed of ignorance and attitude to the market, which in consequence may lead to negative results of such a "game" in Forex.

Interaction with Forex shall not be subject to the psyche, and be clearly formalized in the form of "dry" trading system, and it was after the automation of such a system, you can make sure that it does not contain psychological and intuitive character and can lead to positive outcomes such trade.

In this section, through articles forex , we provide all the necessary information to trade in the market, both for the professional and novice traders.

The articles we would like to highlight only the necessary and most complete information about interesting trading strategies in the Forex market, the answers to the most pressing questions about the installation, testing and optimization of trading systems , trading conditions in many different brokers trading platforms .

Many articles about Forex contain mostly only theoretical information in our articles, we tried to minimize the theory and practice to maximize , to every trader could supplement , or get a new practice of Forex trading . On this page is a brief description of each item for its full view , you need to click on its link.

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