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Direct your anger at the result on Forex

Yesterday I was sitting in the office and heard about unsuccessful transactions trader and how miserable they made him feel.

From the book "The Art of Learning » (The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin), we found that we can direct that anger at the beginning of success. But how can we use it, being a trader?

I experienced these feelings. Many other traders had these feelings. Successful traders are finding solutions. Traders are prone to failure, finding excuses and blaming others. The market is trying to eliminate you and now you need to back off. So, you must turn away from all that you have. Find solutions and do all the necessary work to succeed.

If that fails, use this frustration (the state of mind if you can not achieve the desired) to force myself to sit down and make a list of all the things needed to change your trade. All things. Then make a plan to start doing all of these things . And then do those things. Just do it.

The perfect solution - is to sit down and determine your favorite trading ideas. Write them. Give them names. Imagine yourself making a trade. Visualize the trade, based on the information received at the closing Friday's session. And even then spend as much time as presenting the best deal out of your trade.

Gather your buddies on Trade and learn about their ideas on day trading. If some of these ideas are of interest to you, imagine yourself doing them. Then imagine yourself , performing such trade again. Gather your friends again and present them with their trading ideas for the upcoming trading session . Loudly tell us about your ideas. Call your teacher by trade and do the same. Ask him what ideas he takes into account . Will they work ? If so, then submit them to the case. Prepare your mind for success.

Try to relax. Then continue to work to fix , but do not forget to make time for stress relief.

At the onset of the forex session, prepare fully for the selection of appropriate trade ideas at the opening. Reduce the size of the position. Visualize taking the best deals. Talk about them with the people around you. Once you have realized trade ideas a reality , make notes in a journal trader about their pros and cons. Keep the best deals in your head and try to take only such transaction. Tune in to a positive day. Just tune in to profit, no matter what it will be.

There are even more ways how to help your trading: watching videos, browsing the group , trading on a demo account, communicating with the teacher , logging trader , using only the very best trading ideas, trade with smaller shares to increase the chance of success , etc. . To improve your trading results have solutions. If after a bad trading period you will feel angry, then you will not be able to cope and accept future losses . Set this anger at the result.


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