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01Sep 14
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Pair GBP / USD hourly chart is trading within an uptrend. The course is located above the moving average with period 55 on the hourly chart, the level of 1.6598 thereby increasing prices. The signal for the opening of the long position will sample the results of hours of resistance at 1.6608 (buy at the time of publication of the article) in order to increase the resistance level at 1.6652 and in case of breakdown up to an hour to 1.6698. Stoploss for this strategy can be placed at 1.6560. Signal for a short position will sample the results of hours of support at 1.6564 to decline to the support at 1.6532 in case of breakdown up to an hour 1.6499. Stoploss for this strategy can be placed at 1.6610. Given that the moving average and the location of the boundaries of technical figures over time, moves to the hourly chart to adjust their status. I also recommend the open position up to an hour to avoid false breakouts. In the case of a strong movement in the breakout technical figures, I recommend to wait for the correction. That level, which was the resistance should be strongly supported and it was near this level should open position in the direction of the breakdown. Intraday trading is a very profitable business, if competently to build a trading strategy. Very important input in the market, it affects 70% of practical success in Forex trading. I draw your attention to the fact that most of the signals (strategies) begins to work almost immediately (sometimes I'm just pointing out the direction in which to open a position). Then, if the signal goes up, then I open a long position, and vice versa. Recommend that you use in Forex trading several currency pairs, this will help to minimize the risks, and to form a "short-term" currency portfolio. Open positions must be specified after the breakdown of my support or resistance levels up to an hour, that is, if the new hour started in the past and the price closed at least one point above the level of the home, you can open a position in the direction of the breakdown. In this case, if the rate of up to an hour grew by more than 15 points, I recommend to put a pending order at the level of, for example, if you load a buy signal and the course struck resistance and increased up to an hour for more than 15 points, it is necessary to place a pending order to buy a little above the level of support for 5-15 points. The advantage of these intraday strategies is the use of moving averages (with period 55). If the price breaks the level of the moving average up to an hour, it is a strong signal to the opening position, reliable location of stops to minimize potential losses. Price does not always reach the specified level of profit to me, that there are lots of reasons why I recommend "taking a 20-point", and then if the profit will grow, gradually raise the stop to breakeven.

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