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Dear traders! Forex signals, presented at this site showed themselves as a really effective Forex strategy for several years. 

Intraday trading is very profitable, if you have correctly constructed trading strategy. Most important here is the entrance to the market, it affects almost 70% of success in trading on Forex. I draw your attention to the fact that the majority of our signals (strategies) begins to work almost immediately (sometimes I just point out in what direction a position should be opened). 

Besides I am not in the clan of "bulls" or "bears", as a speculator my aim is to earn money. Then, if the Forex signal goes up, then I open a long position, and vice versa. I recommend to use in Forex trading a few currency pairs, it will help to minimize your risks, and to form a "short" currency portfolio. 

Open positions should be referred to me after the breakdown of support or resistance levels up to an hour, that is, if the new hour began and the price in the outgoing closed for at least one point above this level to me, you can open a position in the direction of the breakdown. In this case, if the course is up to the hour grew by more than 15 items, I recommend displaying a pending order level, for example, if an alarm for the purchase and exchange rate struck resistance and increased up to an hour for more than 15 items, you must place a pending order to purchase a little above the level of support for 5-15 points.

The advantage of these intraday strategies is the use of moving averages (with period 55). If the price breaks through the level of the moving average up to an hour, this is a strong signal to the open position, good location stops minimize possible loss.

Price does not always reach this level of profit to me, that there are many reasons why I recommend "to take 20 points, and then if the profit will grow, gradually raise the stop to breakeven.

If you have any questions, ask via forum... 

Analyst «Forex Analytics» Alex Sedyshev

Sometimes the "Flat” makes negative impact on Forex trading. 

In such cases, I recommend you to the next version of work: If the signals works out, then you open the position and do not put the stop, and if the price moves in the opposite direction – double the position at the next level of support or resistance.

If you look at the schedule, after the removal of stops the price goes back almost to the level of opening a position – that works negatively to any trader. Try this method!

When trade takes place in a Flat Forex Market, without direction, the position can double a few times, so you may start with a small lot.

This scheme will bring considerable profit while working in a Flat Forex Market. Please note that we must adapt to the market, which has no direction, and respect its rules, the Forex market will not adjust to you!

If you have any questions, ask via forum... 

Translation is automatic.

Many Forex traders still work using stops, the portal "Forex Signals" doesn’t want you to rearrange, just offer the alternative way of trading on Forex.

1. Based on years of experience in Forex I have concluded that in the absence of a strong trend, price traded within a certain price range. Even the strong trends in most cases are within a fairly wide range.

Habitual exposure stops at such pricing leads to frequent tripping and quite volatile movements up and down. To avoid this, I recommend working with a doubling of the position at supports or resistances, depending on the open position (short or Long).

Suppose you opened a short position (triggered signal), and the price went higher than you originally opened (shorts 0.1 unit), then the price went above the next resistance level (levels I show every day on the charts attached to the strategy).

Should redouble its position at the level of resistance, that is to put 0.2 lots, respectively, at the next level, 0.4 lot, etc. (Respectively for Long, open positions with the doubling in the levels of support).

It should clearly weigh the risk of doubling the position and properly calculate the initial lot depends in your depot. In a simple version of the situation for money necessarily will push the level of resistance, where you put a position with a doubling and hence declined to the level of support, your balance will be positive and quite significant.

Many Forex traders use stops at outset can significantly reduce their depot. Buying or selling at the top of the range may also justify himself, but out of range may also lead to a false and a fairly strong departure in the direction of the breakdown, which would also lead to losses.

I have proposed trading scheme on the Forex in 80% of the cases has a simple way out of position at a profit. In 20% of the cases I personally use a different version of the complete trading strategy - a Lock position.

2. Lock open position should be done in a few cases - it's the opposite response forex signal (buy or sell), was knocked maximum or minimum over the past few days, weeks (depending on the location of the price - in the middle of the range, the lower limit or upper).

Strong movements in the Forex market can lead to a significant drawdown account with no stops, so I recommend pre-show pending orders BUY STOP, SELL STOP, at a level where the operation of the opposite signal, or at those levels where you think further price movement against your position will be dangerous to your depot.

Volume locked position must be equal to the total open your previous positions, that leads to a fully open-Lock you earlier position (margin with most DC is 0).

3. Exit the locked position is based on actuated signal Forex (which I represent your attention every day). Suppose you have zalokirovana position by a pair of EUR / USD.

A concrete example from last week: The EUR / USD strategy (short) sale of 1.4215 (0.1 unit) sales 1.4263 (0.2 lot) - open the locked positions (long) 1.4321 (0.3 lots), closing shop at 1.4335 profit of $ 42, closing Sales (shorts) at 1.4259 -36 $ loss, the profit on the deal locked up $ 6.

We now consider how this is happening technically. In the American session, Forex triggered a sell signal after the breakdown level of 1.4336, the price is up to the hour closed below that level, I put the profit at 1.4335 for purchase (0.3 lots) with the result that profits from the purchase amounted to $ 42.

It remains open short position in the total volume (0.3 lots), the price started to decline in accordance with a signal to sell, resulting in shorts was closed at 1.4259 with a loss of $ -36, resulting in a locked position has been bred in a small plus sign (+ $ 6), with the swap of about 0.

When you exit the locked position, you can after the closing of one position, to strengthen the rest of your position, the opening of additional volume of positions in the direction that intervened forex signal, which can also bring you a tidy profit, but it also increases and risks.

4. When working with couples AUD / USD, EUR / JPY, GBP / JPY do not forget to watch the bidding on the stock rykah, as these pairs are very volatile, and depending on the mood on global stock markets.

 500-1000 pips per month 
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